“God doesn’t play dice.” Albert Einstein

Einstein’s equation expresses 1. The Beginning of the creation of matter and energy; 2. The circle of matter and energy in nature; 3. The cause of existence and the process of universe development.

It gives a link between three main physical dimensions in the universe: energy, mass, and light speed.

The relationship between these three dimensions in the universe begins with photosynthesis — the formation of matter and the energy of light; continues with the conversion of matter and light energy into matter and energy known as chemical elements and compounds, and ends by determining the time of the various…

Superposition of questions about the multiverse. Author Petyo Hristov

The multiverse is made up of four different Universes. They have a common Time*, Space, Beginning and common principles, models, mechanisms and laws of development. Each of the four Universes has a different shape, is made up of different matter, and each of them has a different energy.

The underlined words in the text are new physical quantities. Their definition can be found in my previous posts.

One of them is the Universe that we know, but “everything” than it is simultaneously in all four Universes.

Four Universes form a Unity among themselves and are perceived as a Multiverse.


Four simultaneously appearing arcs.

It is accepted that the light can be regarded as electromagnetic radiation. The flow of photons has to have a specific wavelength.

The occurrence of elementary particles in nature is not accidental. One minute they’re a consequence, and the next minute they’re already a cause.

The study of the order of creation of elementary particles provides an opportunity to discover the mysteries of light.

Organized matter (OM) consists of elementary particles, trace elements, chemical elements, and compounds.

The first type of dark matter is not illuminated and impossible to see the matter in the Universe. Matter in the Universe is…

Types of matter, the emergence, and development of matter and energy, three types of dark matter

Space. Photo by Petio Hristov

In nature, everything has a cause, and every cause has a consequence. To express this physical reality, to find the key to understanding nature means to express its unity.

In nature, the cycle of the creation of light begins first, and from it begins the cycle of the creation of matter.

The matter arises, passes through its cycle, and is constantly renewed.

To understand where, why, and what kind of matter there is, the existing forms of matter are considered.

Looking around me, I notice two main forms of matter. …

The Big Bang Theory is the leading explanation for how the universe begins and emerges from an infinitely dense, small, and physically paradoxical singularity.

A plant from the fourth level of Vsetzialoto that sprouts. Photo by the author.

The earliest phases of the Big Bang are subject to much speculation. In the most common models, the universe is homogeneous and isotropic with a very high energy density and huge temperatures and pressures and was very rapidly expanding and cooling.

Neither general relativity nor quantum mechanics can currently describe the earliest moments of the Big Bang, but in general, quantum mechanics does not permit particles to inhabit a space smaller than their wavelengths.


The Beginning…

It is even possible that what we call dark matter and dark energy are the signatures of some unknown aspect of gravity or space-time itself.

The cycle in nature. The clock counts the time. Plants go through their cycle depending on time. Photo by the author — the clock at Lake Geneva.

Perhaps the biggest puzzle of all is the odd mix that makes up our universe — ordinary matter, exotic dark matter, and dark energy, all in significant amounts. This odd arrangement may imply, as the Ptolemaic epicycles did, that we do lack a deep enough understanding of the laws of physics underlying our universe.

Two independent lines of evidence indicate the presence of a new form of energy pervading the universe that accounts for two-thirds…

The non-luminous matter termed dark matter is believed to compose most of the universe.

Space (Illustration by Lyuba Dashinova (Instagram: lyubizum))

Evidence of the presence of dark matter is deduced by its gravitational effect on the regular matter but the nature and composition of dark matter itself are still unknown.

The nature of both dark matter and dark energy is still unexplainable by contemporary physics models. This and the following related paper are an attempt to make a parallel between the natures of these phenomena and another understandable process (composed of regular matter) in our galaxy.

Do we know the time? It is irreversible, a basic physical…

Petio Hristov

Researcher. I love the unknown. I’m looking for answers to fundamental physical questions.

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