How viruses are involved in creating matter in the Universe

Types of matter, the emergence, and development of matter and energy, three types of dark matter

Space. Photo by Petio Hristov
Perspective. Photo by Petio Hristov

Types of matter and three types of dark matter

Research shows that there are two main types of matter. One species is called organized matter because it is subject to natural laws. That’s the matter we know. The other type of matter is a free disorganized matter that is not subject to natural laws and is the first type of dark matter.

A diagram illustrating the types of dark matter. In black is a free disorganized matter. In green is the organized matter. Author Petio Hristov

Emergence and development of matter

In the Model of Unity, it is assumed that the cycle in nature requires two “poles” with opposite characteristics, each consisting of the other two “poles” with opposite characteristics. This creates the conditions in nature for its continuous cyclical development. These “poles” are specific to each cycle.

Viruses and bacteria

In the formation of light and matter in nature, viruses and bacteria occupy a major place.



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