Is it possible to have four arcs and four types of light?

Petio Hristov
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Four simultaneously appearing arcs.

It is accepted that the light can be regarded as electromagnetic radiation. The flow of photons has to have a specific wavelength.

The occurrence of elementary particles in nature is not accidental. One minute they’re a consequence, and the next minute they’re already a cause.

The study of the order of creation of elementary particles provides an opportunity to discover the mysteries of light.

Organized matter (OM) consists of elementary particles, trace elements, chemical elements, and compounds.

The first type of dark matter is not illuminated and impossible to see the matter in the Universe. Matter in the Universe is the same as the so-called matter on Earth. This type of dark matter in the Universe is described in the article “The Nature of Dark Matter”.

The second type of dark matter is glowing and not illuminated, accessible, and impossible to see but impossible technically to observe and register. While the matter of the first species is one part of OM, the second type of matter represents three other parts of this OM. These are other but invisible Universes. It is known how their formation began and how they were formed, it is not a known way to register them.

The third type of dark matter is Free Disorganized Matter (FDM) that is found everywhere in the space but cannot be registered anywhere. It is not subject to physical laws, has no development, and always remains the same. It can be accepted as dark matter, which is in a state unknown to science. This type of matter cannot be examined. It registers only as existing.

From FDM, OM of the first and second types are formed. The two types of matter FDM and OM have a “touchpoint”. Neither type of matter is antimatter. The existence of antimatter is an impossible idea!

The text assumes that FDM consists of an infinite sea of Higgs bosons and the known om matter “swims” in this sea. Theoretically, Higgs bosons only have a place in FDM.

Model of Unity

The development of OM is subject to common principles, models, and laws.

I believe that the Law of Unity is the first natural law. It is the most general and short law that expresses the overall idea and philosophy of the development of OM. He expresses the idea of the continuous circle in which nature is located. Graphically, this law is unusual because it includes in its short form three symbols that express both the mathematical, physical, and philosophical development of nature.

The Model of Unity (MU) contains the general principles and laws of all manifestations of nature.

MU is a compass for the explorer to navigate a forest of concepts, laws, manifestations, and circles. It arranges everything that happens in nature, through the Standard Model for a Circle MU covers not only physics but also all-natural sciences. For now, the idea of MU is in its beginning with which you will get acquainted below.

The article “The Model of Unity and the Theory of Everything” is the beginning of New Physics. Based on MU, four new basic physical quantities are defined — Time, Worlds, Space, and Phenomena. OM participated in two of these quantities. In the magnitude of OM Worlds is a non-living matter, and in the magnitude, OM Phenomena is living matter.

Without these two types of OM, it is impossible to describe physical and mathematical nature.

The basis of the Law of Unity and MU is the Law on Converted.

Law on Converted

Three elements are included in each individual converted.

In general, the conversion is a process in which an element is converted to another element that has inverse quantitative and qualitative characteristics relative to the first element. This is done about the third element, which is considered to be the main, for a mirror that is located between the first two elements. Physical formulas are known for this law.

Four main elements (specific mirrors) are needed to carry out a single circle in nature, and they are themselves derived from the converted elements involved in the very conversion of this circle. This is how you get the unity of all the elements involved in a circle, and then all the circles about in nature. In the event of a change in one of the elements, the values of all the elements in the whole circle shall be changed.

The four main elements in the circle have different quantitative and qualitative characteristics. Each first basic element in one circle has the same specific properties with each other first base element in another circle, although the circles are different. The same rule applies to the other three main elements.

As a result of four consecutive conversions of one magnitude, its transformation is achieved.

The most general presentation of the conversion process is perhaps a little confusing. This process will be specified below. There, the process of creating OM will be considered, by elementary particles using the Standard Model for a Circle in Nature.

Some differences between Quantum Theory and MU

Symmetry in the Universe is considered by both the CPT symmetry and MU. STR symmetry is the basis in quantum theory for the study of elementary particles. MU defines different foundations and different perspectives for exploring nature.

Types of known matter

Familiar matter can be divided into two main categories depending on how it is perceived at a particular time and from a certain location of Vsetzialoto.

The sun, planets, mountains, soil, rivers, or lakes are perceived as non-living matter. But this matter is at illuminated terms of the level at which it is observed. From the more external level, this same non-living matter is now living matter. It is a fraction of a plant at the more external level of Vsetzialoto.

Each Phenomenon develops by its frequency and is manifested by a specific living matter characteristic of it. It produces its powered energy necessary for its ow development Plants, animals, and humans are living matter. MU shows where and how living matter creates a non-living matter. Different types of living matter are created in different Phenomena.

Light is a Phenomenon that develops through its frequency, and the biologically living matter that is the carrier of the Light Phenomenon is the photon.

The standard model of elementary particles

First Moment

The process of transforming FDM into OM takes place in Vsetzialoto. The First Moment is required to begin this process.

In inform is organized, the First Moment forms the main four physical quantities that are involved in this process.

Before the First Moment, there was only a sea of Higgs bosons and defined as FDM. In this sea appears a photon. This moment of occurrence is determined by the breath of Vsetzialoto. The beginning of the creation of matter from the smallest building block in the Universe is one photon. The photons create light first. Then, from this light, the chemical elements and their compounds are created by living matter.

Photon is alone and looking a circle him. With the first movement — looking a circle you create the beginning of time in the first level of Vsetzialoto. It becomes the first physical quantities Time and the first major (mirror) element for which I will use the term “cross”.

Photon is no longer alone and can be converted* (1) to Time to gluon. The gluon is converted photon with inverse quantitative and qualitative characteristics relative to cross Time.

* Repeating the concept of converted and cross continuously creates the possibility of confusion. Therefore, after each converted in parentheses, a number is written that reflects which type of converted it applies to.

There are already three elements.

Time is converted to gluon and the next physical quantities of the cross (2) Worlds are created.

Photon and gluon form a pair of living organisms. In them, the cross (2) Worlds is converted and the cross (3) Space appears.

Photon and gluons are converted (3) repeatedly to the cross (3) and many photons and gluons are formed that occupy the Space.

The cross (3) Space is converted to a cross (4) Phenomena relative to existing photons and gluons.

In the next converted (4) relative to the cross (4) of the existing photons and gluons are created Z bosons and W bosons, which have inverse quantitative and qualitative characteristics relative to existing photons and gluons.

After four specifics converted, there are now four biologically living creatures with different quantitative and qualitative characteristics: photon, gluon, Z boson, and W boson.

Three species of Universes that are the Dark Matter

It continues, but with changes in the initial terms.

In nature, living beings already exist — photon, gluon, Z boson, and W boson, and four arms — Time, Worlds, Space, and Phenomena.

Each photon, gluon, Z boson, and W boson begins a separate circle, and four different groups of living creatures are formed livings beings. Each of these groups, after their redevelopment, formed one Universe.

The Universe we know and explore originated from photon as an original living being.

The other three Universes came from either gluon or Z boson or W boson, each of them as an original living being. The matter of these Universes is different from what is known. All these Universes are impossible to see or are defined as the Dark Matter.

Each of these Universes is real and is made up of real matter but unknown to science. Each of these Universes is formed as OM.

Standard Model for a Circle in Nature

The four crosses in which it occurs are an expression of the four basic physical quantities, which have the same common characteristics and properties in each circle in nature.

The examples given are of familiar matter so that an analogy can be made.


The cross Time expresses the moment of the Beginning of a certain circle. It’s always zero “0.”

Every natural magnitude is converted in cross Time that has a dual character. The dual character is expressed in the simultaneous conversion of the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the natural magnitude.

As a result of converted, two natural quantities are obtained which are inverse to each other.

In individual cases, when the living matter is converted to cross Time, it goes from male to female or vice versa. When another natural magnitude passes through the cross Time it can go from negative to positive or vice versa.

The same happens when a natural magnitude has a circular motion, it passes into a linear one. And the moment of impulse or spin changes its direction of movement determined by the rule of the left hand in the rule of the right hand or vice versa.

Figuratively speaking, every natural magnitude is looked at in Time, as every single object looks in a mirror. Two images are obtained. The image obtained behind the mirror is a mirror quantitative and qualitative image in front of the mirror.


Four energies are created when converted of natural magnitude in the cross Worlds. Cross Worlds is seen as a region through which the natural magnitude passes.

Figuratively speaking from one place, it enters the region Worlds, and from another place, it comes out of the region Worlds, but there are no “doors” in both places. Therefore, when entering this region and on exit from this region, there is a connection between the natural magnitude and the region’s World. In each of these contact, two opposing energies are formed, one in the natural magnitude and the other in the region Worlds.

The energies created at the input (a) and the output (A) in the natural quantities (b) and in the cross Worlds (B) to differ will be noted in the text as ab, aB, Ab, and AB.

When a natural magnitude enters the region Worlds, it also changes its direction of movement. To make a guide to these changes, the directions of the world are used.

Before passing the entrance, the natural magnitude has a certain direction of movement. Once the entrance passes, this direction changes as a consequence of the energies created. This change may be observed at one point in the ‘equator’ of the natural magnitude. The point shifts from the east to the west by 90 degrees.

At the exit from the region Worlds in the natural magnitude, they swap places south and north poles.

On exit from the region Worlds, emerging forces in the Universe are known as the Big Bang, which occurred about 13.8 billion years ago at the seventh level of Vsetzialoto.

A description of how living matter develops in the region Worlds can also be found in the article “The nature of physical singularity before and during the Big Bang”.


In cross Space, there is a harmonious point that is common to all circle’s doors of all-natural quantities. This is the point at which unity in nature takes place.

Space is a place where natural quantities continue to convert, develop, and these naturals quantities occupy a certain Space. Figuratively speaking, Space is a mirror that breaks an image in many but identical images.


Cross Phenomena converted everything that has been created so far. From the Beginning to this point, they have formed and exist: a certain time, a multitude of two inverse natural quantities, and the created Space from them.

In this cross (4), the existing two natural quantities are converted into two new natural quantities, which have inverse quantitative and qualitative characteristics of existing ones.

Converted (4) receives the ratio of space/time values, which is the physical value of a certain frequency. This is the frequency of a Natural Phenomenon. At this frequency, “necessary” matter to exist. The matter on which the frequency is formed is the four natural quantities that have been created so far. Thus, the four natural quantities created by cross (4) Phenomenon are carriers of this Phenomenon.

Each Phenomenon is characterized by its frequency and with the carriers of this Phenomenon.

Each natural quantity participates in many and different natural circles. For each natural circle, there is a specific point of view.

All circle’s doors develop according to the Standard Model for a Circle in Nature.

Converted to FDM (Higgs boson) in light

Converted to FDM (Higgs boson) in light is performed in the first four levels of Vsetzialoto.

Each level of Vsetzialoto performs internally converted, at the same time each level becomes and cross in the Standard Model for a Circle in Nature and performs externally converted.

General presentation of converted

Circle time: the first four levels in Vsetzialoto.

Input non-living matter: FDM — Higgs boson.

Input — living matter: photon.

Created new types of matter: 1 arc, 2 arcs, 4 arcs of light.

Energies created: electron, positron, muon, positive muon, tao lepton, positive tao lepton, and derivatives.

Detailed presentation of converted to FDM in light with the Standard Model for a Circle in Nature

The first level of Vsetzialoto:

Circle time: ≈ 0.00011116 s

Input non-living matter: FDM — Higgs boson.

Input — living matter: photon.

New types of living matter were created: evolution of photon — gluon, Z boson, and W boson (as a consequence of the disturbed CPT symmetry).

Energies created* in cross Worlds: electron (AB); electron neutrino (ab); up quark (aB); down quark (Ab).

* The arrangement in brackets of all energies is presumed.

Created energies in cross Phenomena: positron (AB), electronically converted neutrino (ab); upconverted quark (аB); down-converted quark (Ab).

Output — non-living matter: an arc of light.

During converted (2) and (4) photon is subjected to eight elementary energies that are electron and positron, etc. This mechanical impact on photon creates the phenomenon of mechanoluminescence.

The photon emits a fluorescent light!

The second level of Vsetzialoto:

Circle time: ≈ 0.40176 s

Input non-living matter: an arc of light.

Input — living matter: viruses.

New types of living matter were created: types of viruses (evolution of viruses).

Energies created in Cross Worlds: muon (AB); muon neutrino (ab); charm quark (aB); strange quark (Ab).

Created energies in cross Phenomena: positive muon (AB); converted muon neutrino (ab); charm converted quark (aB); strange converted quark (Ab).

Output — non-living matter: two inverse arcs of light.

The third level of Vsetzialoto:

Circle time: ≈ 24 min.

Input non-living matter: two inverse arcs of light.

Input — living matter: the same as in level 1 and level 2 — photons and viruses.

New types of living matter were created: both in level 1 and level 2 (evolution of photons and viruses); increase in the amount of living matter created so far, as well as space it occupies.

Energies created in cross Worlds: the same as level 1 and level 2.

Created energies in cross Phenomena: both in level 1 and level 2.

Output — non-living matter: two inverse arcs of light to each other.

The fourth level of Vsetzialoto:

Circle time: 1 yr.

Input non-living matter: two inverse arcs of light to each other.

Input — living matter: bacteria.

New types of living matter were created: types of bacteria (evolution of bacteria).

Energies created in Cross Worlds: tau-lepton (AB); tau-neutrino (ab); top quark (aB); bottom quark (Ab).

In cross Phenomena positive (converted) tau-lepton (AB); tau converted neutrino (ab); top converted quark (AB); bottom converted quark (Ab).

Output — non-living matter: four arcs of light, the two inverses of the other two.

In nature, there are four types of light. Each type of light is composed of different types of elementary particles having different quantitative and qualitative characteristics.

These four types of light can be seen very rarely and as four simultaneously appearing arcs.



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