The Multiverse Theory

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Superposition of questions about the multiverse. Author Petyo Hristov

The multiverse is made up of four different Universes. They have a common Time*, Space, Beginning and common principles, models, mechanisms and laws of development. Each of the four Universes has a different shape, is made up of different matter, and each of them has a different energy.

The underlined words in the text are new physical quantities. Their definition can be found in my previous posts.

One of them is the Universe that we know, but “everything” than it is simultaneously in all four Universes.

Four Universes form a Unity among themselves and are perceived as a Multiverse.

Unity exists between opposites that are bound by common laws of nature.

In the New Physics of Unity it is determined that matter and energy which are formed Universes of the Multiverse are organized matter and energy. Organized biologically living matter in the texts used concrete plant.

Each of these Universes is formed by different initial building blocks. In the order of their formation in nature, they are gluon, Z boson, W boson and photon.

Each of these Universes is formed by a natural Phenomenon. In the order of the formation of the Phenomena, these are Sound derived from gluon, Smell derived from Z boson, Taste derived from W boson and Light derived from a photon.

A study to detect “The nature of dark matter” and “The nature of dark energy” found three types of dark matter.

The first type of dark matter is disorganized matter. On this matter known physical laws do not work. It differs from the known material which is defined as an organized matter.

The second type of dark matter is defined as three different unknown Universes. Each of which is formed by a different and hitherto unknown to science matter. These are the first three Universes that make up the Multiverse.

The third type of dark matter, are part of the known Universe that are inaccessible to observation of the solar system. It is the fourth Universe of the Multiverses.

Organized matter arises with the Begining of the formation of four different types of Universes.

Each of these Universes is formed by different initial building blocks. They are photon, gluon, Z boson and W boson. Photon, gluon, Z boson and W boson are defined in new physics as biologically living matter.

The known Universe is formed by a photon as the initial building block. Here again, gluon, Z boson and W boson participate in the formation of the Universe, but no longer as initial building blocks, but only as biologically living matter, participating together with the photon in its formation.

The initial building block — the photon “accepts” Higgs bosons from the free disorganized matter. Using gluon, the Z boson and the W boson convert them into quarks and leptons. In New Physics, quarks are assumed to be elementary particles of light, and leptons are the energies created in this converted.

In the same way, the photon participates in the formation of the other three universes, but as biologically living matter, and not as an initial building block.

The three unknown universes are formed with the initial building block, gluon, Z boson and W boson, respectively. Each of them “accepts” Higgs bosons from the free disorganized matter and transforms them into unknown types of elementary particles and energies. Unknown types of matter are formed. The process of formation is similar to the process known for the formation of the known Universe. This process is described in “Is it possible to have four arcs and four types of light?“.

Schematic illustration of unity in the Multiverse. Free disorganized matter is depicted in black. Organized matter is depicted in green. The four Universes are the same from one point of view, but also opposite to each other. From another point of view, they express the unity of the laws that make them up, but also the different Beginning. Author Petyo Hristov

The search for evidence for the existence of other Universes has not stopped over the centuries.

In science fiction, the Multiverse has other names such as “alternative Universes”, “quantum Universes”, “parallel worlds” and others.

The concept of multiple Universes evolving simultaneously on the one hand and opposing each other on the other is called “superposition.” The four Universes that make up the Multiverse are in superposition.

The first pair of Universes formed by the Phenomena Sound originated from gluon and Light formed from a photon are in superposition.

The second pair of Universes formed by the Phenomena Odor originated from the Z boson and Taste originated from the W boson are in superposition.

The first pair of Universes from the Multiverse are in superposition with the second pair of Universes.

Search for evidence

Once there is a definition of a Multiverse, it is possible to find independent methods for discovering these Universes.

First method — Examination of the aura

It is very likely that the energy that surrounds the biologically living organisms on Earth, known as the aura, is “light” refracted by the matter of the Phenomenon Taste originated with the initial building block W boson.

So far there is no evidence for this hypothesis, but it suggests that the discovery of unknown Universes may begin with the discovery and study of known and unknown auras of living organisms.

The famous aura or halo that surrounds organisms can be registered with Kirlian photography. The aura is unique to every living organism. It is complex and changes at every moment. The shape, size, colors and brightness of these colors are an indicator of specific things that affect the physical, emotional, mental state.

Biologically living matter takes an active part in the formation of matter in each of the four Universes. Without it, the process of converted matter into nature cannot take place.

Second method — Measurement of the space-time continuum

Every “something” that exists in nature has its own space-time continuum.

Each of the four Universes of the Multiverse also has its own specific continuum. It is quite certain that there is a mathematical connection between these four continua. To discover this connection, one must perhaps know the continuum of at least two Universes.

The continuum of the known Universe is defined. But is he famous? In order to be familiar, a “device” with which to measure is needed.

Whether the future “instrument” that measures the continuum of “everything” in the known Universe will be able to measure the continuum of “something” in any of the other three Universes, no one can guess.

The important thing is that once you learn to measure the continuum of “something” that may or may not be visible, the results of that measurement are irrefutable. It is important that after measuring the continuum, all questions and assumptions can currently receive a positive or negative answer.

Third method — Completion of the Theory of Everything

From the Theory of Everything it was discovered:

The First Law of Nature — the Law of Unity;

The Model of Unity and the Physics of Unity;

Method for the emergence of Light as well as living and non-living matter.

It remains to be completed:

Philosophical model(s) for the development of nature;

Mathematical model(s) of nature development.

With a completed Theory of Everything, it is expected that it is possible, with knowledge of the processes in a Universe, to determine the laws and quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the elements in the Universes in superposition.

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