The nature of dark matter

Space (Illustration by Lyuba Dashinova (Instagram: lyubizum))

The Veda time measuring system

The Indian Veda time measuring system is the only fully preserved ancient system for measuring, and it is known that “Veda” means “to know”. The Veda astronomy gives a very detailed division of time. The time rhythm of time is determined by the movement of the smallest time unit “paramanu” which is equal to 26.3 µs and it repeats itself cyclically. Other units in the Veda system are nadi, equal to 24 min, vinadi equal to 24 sec, prana equal to 4 sec, nemashta equal to 88.889 msec, tapara equal to 2.96296 msec and truti equal to 26.6296 microsec.

Definition of the new physic term Vsetzialoto

Vsetzialoto defines space and nature as one single live organism, which has all the forms of energy and matter, necessary for its existence. The term is composed of the Slavic words for “all” (vse), “whole” (tzialo), and the suffix “to” meaning the only, the one, the unique and the supreme. On the one hand, Vsetzialoto includes terms such as Microworld, universe, and Macro world, on the other hand, Vsetzialoto is divided into several (nine) levels.

The formula for calculating the cycles in the Vsetzialoto

The first level of Vsetzialoto is calculated from the values of the smallest time unite defined from the Vedas as “truti” ≈ (3.1) (10^- 8) s.

Table 1. Table for calculation of the coefficients of the cycles in the levels of Vsetzialoto

Cycles in Vsetzialoto

The time duration of a single cycle in the different levels of the Vsetzialoto are shown in Table 2.

Table 2. Table of the cycles in the different levels of Vsetzialoto

The universe

The Beginning is defined as the moment when the male and female gametes are joined in the flower the plant.


Anatomy of an angiosperm flower (This work has been released into the public domain by its author, LadyofHats)
Table 3. Celestial analogs between the plant parts of the Constellation and Galactic plants with stars, constellations, and nebulas from the Milky Way

Plant analogs of the fifth level of Vsetzialoto

The first male gamete

Plant analogs of the sixth level of Vsetzialoto

The first male gamete

The Lotus Plant on Earth

The nature of dark matter

The number of different lives known in science is large. There are certainly even more in Vsetzialoto. In the text when referring to biological organisms, they are defined by the general term “plant” because they all grow and have cyclic development.



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